Saturday, March 22, 2014

The metaphor of an impoverished society

While I was walking with my children today in New York's Central Park I saw three of the most brilliant and talented Jazz musicians playing. Perhaps in another time and in another place they would be up on a concert stage and heralded as the brilliant talents they are, but no, they were playing for coins tossed into a hat.........

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Should the government fund the Arts ?

 I wanted to watch the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters awards ceremony & concert at Jazz at Lincoln Center to see four men of distinction recognized for their accomplishments. I assumed since Jazz is our indigenous American art form I might find it on PBS, A&E, or Bravo. But that was not the case, I had to search on the web to see these great American artists that represent the best of our society receive their awards and hear some wonderful music. Since Jazz had been supplanted on A & E by Duck Dynasty and other reality shows there's no denying that media companies could not care less about our culture, only the bottom line. Unlike European countries our government doesn't underwrite high culture in America. Our culture is funded by a small handful of patrons that support ballet, opera, jazz, and orchestral music. Without the generosity of this group I dare think our society would retrogress into an artistically impoverished gaming culture, that is completely pop oriented for the monetization of the moment. It is an interesting paradigm shift to observe this race to the bottom. In the 1960s one could tune into a major network and see Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, or Leonard Bernstein.

Sadly, we get the culture we deserve.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


In art, dignity is in the effort.

Why are my ballets so relentless and rhythmic?

Art must reflect time and culture. My favorite subway quote. "Get the FUCK out of my face."  This one line tells us more about our society than any novel or literary essay.

Technology and classical music

I work in two worlds. Technology, where twenty four hours is considered old. And the classical music world, where one hundred years is considered new.

The American Orchestra

The American symphony's have strangled the and silenced the voices of their own composers for too long. But soon things will change. The age of virtual orchestras will finally give American culture a chance to be heard, grow and develop with out the filters and strangulation of the American orchestral institutions that no longer care about their own culture but only in the preservation of the orchestral institution.
The American orchestras should be excluded from any public funding or grants. Let them be financed by the European governments and business from that culture they promote, preserve, and nurture.
The American orchestras have treated its composers with the utmost contempt and lack of respect. They never seek out anything new, or urge new young writers to create. They only have contempt for the new.

October 28 10:27 PM

I am sick
I am an addict
I cannot help myself
I sat around the house playing with the kids
Looking at the walls
How can I pass the time
What do I do next ?
beyond depression
I need to get out of my depression
I run for my drugs
I pick up a pen
And start to write another opera
My wife is angered
She says NO
But I cannot help myself
I was born to write
It is the only thing in this world that makes me feel alive
The act of that instantaneous creation
The ink flowing off the pen
An new idea that never was
The adrenaline rushes into my veins like a junkie
The drug kicks in
I get off
If I do not write
I drown
It is as simple as that
I drown