Saturday, June 11, 2016

Musical Criticism in the Internet Age

Dear Kind Sir,

My Venetians Concertos are relentless,rhythmic therefore most likley vile.
And I apologize for being naive enough to believe that art reflects time and culture ?
And since I live in the middle of New York city, not some quant alpine pasture my music reflects that.
And I apologize for being dumb enough to think that a critic can be objective rather than subjective and try to understand what I am doing instead of reducing my work to their own myopic level of understanding. Aesthetic criticism absents itself from the subjective experience and attempts through rigor and training to objectify the experience to quantifiably accepted criteria.  That's why aesthetic criticism is valid and important.  Otherwise, everyone would have a valid opinion!

Perhaps I should write adagio diatonic recorder and lute music for surfing Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumbler  and rest of the the new intellectual pursuits of our time. The word is dead and along with that serious music and literary criticisms. As we enter the age of Trump we will finally get the culture we deserve...

I suggest if you are up to stretching a little to listen to my Mice War children's opera.

David Chesky