Monday, May 11, 2020

How can a composer have a direct relationship with the public outside of the concert hall?

The modern composer needs to circumvent the concert hall in order to reach their audience. The concert hall by perpetuating the same classic European works is choking the voice of the modern composer. How can American composers create their own unique sound in this environment that is the inverse of all the other art forms. The currant concert hall audience does not celebrate anticipation. With the progress of AI the pendulum will shift and the composer will be able to realize online and via recordings anything they can imagine. Perhaps in the future there will not be the social need to hear music as a mass collective via the standard orchestra and audiences perspective.  It is hard to let go because we romanticize this music and tradition. In the end Darwinism always wins. If the modern orchestra cannot adapt and reach out to a new audience and be relevant in a modern society rather than an aural museum the system will collapse and be supplanted with a new art form.